About Us


HUUN’S Humble Beginnings.

Founder Mark Callaghan is first and foremost an artist.  It was this passion for art and strong interest in pre-Hispanic culture that led to paper making;  it was a means to an end as he only made the paper needed for use in his own works.  But soon he realized there was bigger potential for this paper and thus HUUN Paper began its operations in 1990 with the following goals in mind:

HUUN’s quality handcrafted paper is the result of many years of experimentation and a stead-fast dedication to our values.

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Recognition & Awards



Ashoka is a global organization that works to support social entrepreneurs who have projects that will impact positive change in the world.  Mark Callaghan was elected as an Ashoka Fellow in 1991 for his work in reviving the traditional Mayan paper art through rural community development.