Sustainable Communities


– Providing Industry to Mayan Villages

The Yucatan region experienced an economic boom in the late 19th century with the rise of an extremely profitable hennequen (sisal) industry. However, the bottom fell out of the market at the beginning of this century and the local population hasn’t fully recovered since.

With the development of nearby Cancun and the influx of visitors to the Mayan ruins, tourism is helping to alleviate some of the economic decline. However the tourist trade does not effectively help people stay on the land. The tourist industry unfortunately is speeding the culture’s decline as it entices families to break up as some members migrate to work in the resort cities. Once there, young people especially are influenced by foreign and urban lifestyles and begin to reject the traditional values and lifestyle.

By bringing hu’un paper back into commercial production, our company is able to increase community participation in an ancient art and expand the local economy.   HUUN Paper currently employs the people in two rural Yucatan villages to produce our handmade paper.  We ensure fair wages are paid and are currently expanding our North American distribution in order to establish a workshop in a third location.

Rural Yucatan Workshop

One of our rural workshop in the Yucatan.

Providing local employment for local Yucatecans.

Employing local Yucatecans to bring the art of hu’un back to life.